Friday, November 4, 2011

DESIGN BABBLE: Surprize Balls. Extraordinary.

Surprize Balls are created from 100 ft of colorfully changing paper ribbon encasing quirky treasures and mementos. As the crepe ball unravels, surprises and gifts spill out of each layer-- vintage style toys, keepsakes, charms, gems, candy, bubbles, funky jewelry, confetti poppers, fortunes, quotes and more.

The earliest evidence of surprise balls were found in the Native American culture. Traditionally, it was a common practice to tell the history of one’s life with this unique ball. The first layer represented birth and for each event in life, another layer and memento was added. In the 1950’s, surprise balls became vogue in Mid America and then mysteriously disappeared... until now! Available at BF :o)

Watch this cute vid:

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