Saturday, December 26, 2009

Giulietta (Brazil) - Just got new styles in!

Literally as I was putting a Giulietta dress on the mannequin a customer scooped it up. That's how cute the clothes are of this Brazilian brand. Check out these new pieces. The beaded bow dress with exposed back zipper and shirt dress with heart pocket are unique and adorable.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow doesn't scare me anymore. Thanks San Bernardo!

I used to be scared of snow. Really. Mostly brown/black snow that you encounter in New York City. But even white snow can damage leather. I would tepidly creep around those 5 foot mounds at the crosswalk, walking like half a block to avoid any sort of moisture encountering my shoes. Now( I think it's called maturing) I don't care about fashion only - I care about function. And that's why when I first saw San Bernardo snow boots I knew I had found something that would change my life. These warm waterproof boots are straight from Italy. Chic and sporty they have had a serious impact on my street walking skills. I stomp on puddles and climb icy mounds with ease. I'm not scared of a little precipitation here and there. Water can't hurt me... okay fine the brown/black stuff is a little questionable still.

San Bernardo Boots $259 - In store now.