Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brandy Melville (Italy): The Chic T Shirt

At the end of the day everyone wants to look effortlessly chic. It's just a universal fact. Who wants to look like they laid out their outfit on their bed after trying on several different looks and checked the night before? Err... I mean... let's be honest. That having been said the new Brandy Melville (Italian brand) batwing-cropped-boyfriend t-shirts are so effortlessly chic its actually weird i haven't seen this silhouette before. In black and white they need to be a wardrobe staple for high waisted skirts or slim leggings and a tank top. Throw it on and feel instantly together. And by "throw" I mean get a henry hanger and try a few options girl -just keeping it real.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If I see another Juicy Sweatsuit on an airplane...

I know, I know - last time you were on a plane the woman next to you removed her shoes and socks (I mean really?) and the man next to you nodded off... onto you shoulder... a total of three awkward times. That's why I have to give props to those bringing travel glamour back. I want the romance of escapism unshrouded by questionable social behavior and inflatable pillows. Black Tomato ( and Jetsetter (www.jetsetter) are offering just that. Black Tomato provides the ultimate travel experience complete with a detailed day by day itinerary. Don't have to move a muscle just bring pen to check. If you're on a little tighter budget, Jetsetter has deals with some of the best hotels in the world. Get away from the office and hop onto a plane... in style... come on...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Strange Things: Haiti Documentary

Babel Fair is a sponsor of Strange Things - a documentary exploring street culture and poverty in Haiti. The documentary also supports Soil (Sustainable Organic Integrated Livlihoods) Please check out to donate or get involved.

Movie Synopsis: In the midst of Haiti’s mountains and historic relics lies an orphan epidemic. Over 500,000 children are forced to survive on their own, many of them wandering the streets day and night. Local residents call them the “soulless,” treating them like untouchable spirits from the underworld. Shot in the northern city of Cap-Haitian over a period of two years, Strange Things is a powerful documentary that follows the evolution of three young street boys who all too soon will be adults. Through their eyes, we come to understand Haiti’s current state of crisis and the reasons behind its abandoned youth problem, and are left inspired by the strength and courage of these young boys who do what it takes to survive.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gestuz - Danish

Gestuz, Danish brand, just hit and coats are selling out at $269 and $299. Come get before they're gone. Gestuz has great modern silhouettes.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heavy Machine: Korea

Heavy Machine, a new line of shoes by Korean designer Michelle Wu, has basically accomplished architectural feats. Her shoes are so unique and flattering that most people's reaction are "stop it right now." They are like a shoe lover's dream especially at under $300 a pair. So by stop- we mean keep going.