Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Sounds..

The tunes that make you lay on your back in a field of cool cushioning grass, stare up at the clear blue sky and say ahhhhhh... It's the soundtrack of long afternoons in the park making daisy chains and drinking margeritas from take away coffee cups. This is whats on the babel fair beat box this spring...

New York Band Bubbles is the answer to pretense-free fun we have all been looking for in life. This is your free ticket to dance dance dance. And look ridiculous doing it! So get some bubbles in your life. They have also released there first set of tracks on a mp3 playbutton that has a pretty damn cool smoking duck on the front. FYI, their live shows are the most fun humanly possible. See them at Summer Stage in Central Park supporting Florence and the Machine this July!

Aussie Garage Surfer Punk band Bleeding Knees Club have a likeness to bands Wavves and Surfer Blood. Their sounds will take you to the beaches of Byron Bay circa 1977...

Spanish/Canadian Sweetheart Russian Red's dreamy tunes take you somewhere else...

stay "tuned" for more on what we're listening to at Babel Fair...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Fever...

1. Walk. Ride.
tis the season, spring fever is in the air and the atmosphere on the streets amplifies.
There is only of 2 ways to get around the city and its riding your bike or using the mode
of transport God gave you. Not only is it a eco-friendly, its a good way to start in shedding that little extra cushioning accumuled through the brutal winter we endured. And can we just say, there are some super attractive people roaming the streets so get out there for some eye candy!

2. Eat. Drink.
something needs to fuel all of this getting around. And eating outdoors is a favored option
in this desirable weather. Brunching in the sun. Fresh salads and iced coffees in the park.
Ice cream treats and margeritas. Indulgences-a-plenty. mmmmmmmm.

3. Shop.
at Babel Fair of course! We have a range of spring staples such as cute printed dresses from Many Belles Down, Vanessa Mooney African Sliders made from antique beads from Mali and Japanese stationary.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Must Be The Place...

Charlotte Rust - Stylist/Vintage Store Owner
Her home in Auckland, New Zealand

(via The Selby)